Demand For Going Online In Healthcare Staffing Firms Inflates

Posted on January 21st, 2021

Demand For Going Online In Healthcare Staffing Firms Inflates

The one good thing if at all Covid-19 has done for humanity is an unexpected and never seen surge in the demand for nurses and online nurse staffing platforms. A research report from a news agency focusing on the trends of employment in the healthcare industry revealed to this extent.

The report also confirmed that a greater number of conventional healthcare staffing organizations are slowly but steadily trying to incorporate the concept of the online staffing platform alongside not leaving the already established offline recruitment procedure.

The study stated that although the demand for nurses was high even before the pandemic the situation hit the skies following the crisis. All these have now asked the nurse staffing firms to search for new means of meeting the demand.

According to the latest statistics, about 77,500 nurses across the US are at present directly taking care of Coronavirus patients every day- an escalation of nearly 245% from just 22,500 nurses around mid-September. Going by this, the need for staffing for non-covid patients is down but high for covid patients. However, on average, the demand for nurses is high in comparison to the past. At present, the overall demand for nurses has heightened by an extra 26,000 nurses per day amongst which 11% of them are doing direct patient care due to grown-up Corona hospitalizations.

Keeping aside these statistics, the demand for online staffing firms is going to be even higher in the days to come due to the non-availability of precise vaccines for the deadly virus.

According to SIA as of date, there are less than 50 companies making use of online platforms. However, the good part is: there are a greater number of players who are showing interest to invest in online nurse staffing platforms. They see tremendous growth which they wish to capitalize on before the situation freezes.

Although online hiring platforms are still in the favour of the IT sector this model will soon leap in no time. The increased technology and the need to have an online presence are the two major factors that will push healthcare staffing into online mode very soon.

The fact that one of the online nurse staffing platforms last month received a $15 million growth equity investment and a $100 million credit facility from Pivotal Group cements this fact.

Besides this increased interest to invest, there is also good news for nurses. Apart from fat checks nurse staffing providers are also ensuring that their health and emotional wellbeing is not compromised no matter what.

The Ohio State University College of Nursing has recently tied up with a healthcare staffing player to bring out a program to support the mental health of nurses indicates this fact.

A spokesperson of Protouch Staffing said, ‘’All these are good signs for the industry.’’

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