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Effective ways to fine-tune your Job Search.
  • Protouch Staffing has the perfect opportunity for you, regardless of whether you are looking to travel or stay close to home to find your purpose.
  • Search our currently open roles by job title, location, or industry to not just find your next career move with the most happening organization, but the company that best suits your unique working style and preferences.
  • Choose the way you want to work, we offer a variety of opportunities so you can find the perfect role and work environment that’s right for you.
  • We offer thousands of open jobs and we’re adding more every day. It empowers you to effortlessly search and find your dream job, there’s a pretty comprehensive set of search filters at your disposal.
  • You can seamlessly find and apply for the next career move by utilizing our Digitized Resume Upload option that leads applicants into successful placements with top-notch healthcare facilities.
  • East to apply for an open position just by uploading your resume with a few clicks on our Phones, Tabs, or any other gadgets and keep the ball rolling while on the go.
  • Your next adventure awaits, apply now to find your purpose. Our experienced team of professionals will take notes and handle every detail of your assignment.
  • Protouch Career Page is securely integrated with its ATS Talent Pathway, hence the turnaround time of the recruitment cycle is always on the fast-track which streamlines the hiring process.
  • Our comprehensive tracking and reporting tool provides valuable, actionable insight into every facet of the recruitment process and analysis.
  • Protouch’s all-in-one digital tracking platform provides a range of features for the unique and complex needs of healthcare professionals, this automated platform acts as a direct interface between candidate and recruiter.
Job Alerts
  • The moment a candidate applies for a job on the Career Page, he/she will get an immediate acknowledgment email to schedule the next steps for the recruitment process.
  • This user-friendly system identifies and enriches passive candidates, launches personalized outreach, engages talent with unique branding, and works candidates down the funnel for an interview, eventually for a closure.
  • Get personalized job recommendations that match your skills and preferences so you can stop worrying about missing the right opportunity.
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