Why Become a Travel Nurse

Posted on October 7th, 2020

Why Become a Travel Nurse
Why Choose Travel Nursing? Here are five reasons why!

Making the switch to travel nursing can mean taking a huge leap of faith in your career. While getting outside your comfort zone is never easy, the major lifestyle change of traveling can come with major rewards for those willing to take the plunge.

At Protouch Staffing, we want to empower our nurses to make the most out of their careers! Here are some of our top benefits in choosing a travel nursing contract for your next job:

  1. Travel: This one might seem obvious, but travel nurses get to t-r-a-v-e-l and see the country, 13 weeks at a time. Because most contracts are about three months, you can pick the destination of your assignment based on the time of year (hello, winter in Florida or fall in the Pacific Northwest!). Travel assignments are available in every state, making travel nursing a great way to see the country or test the waters in a new destination.

  2. Career Development: Getting outside your comfort zone can also pay dividends in making connections, working for the top facilities in the country, and learning to adjust to different settings. By working at different hospitals across the country, you’ll learn about different state and facility regulations, meet new supervisors and peers, and care for patients from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Consider this: we grow as professionals when we challenge ourselves!

  3. Salary Potential: As a general rule, travel nurse contracts pay more than local staff nurse salaries. Pay packages can be even higher for certain specialties (think Labor & Delivery, OR, Oncology, ICU, and COVID units). Location can also influence the pay package for a contract. You can expect to be offered more money in big cities with higher costs of living, as well as in and states like New York and California. On the flip side, rural hospitals may also offer very competitive pay packages in order to staff their facilities. Be sure to communicate your salary needs with your Protouch Staffing placement consultant. We’re here to find the best fit for you! (Pro tip: ask about bonuses, benefits, included housing options, travel reimbursement and more!)

  4. Avoiding Burnout: We know, we know. This sounds like every nurse’s impossible dream! However, consider travel nursing as a way to avoid some of the permanently frustrating situations you might experience as a staff nurse in one location. Whether that means avoiding hospital politics or getting into a general rut, travel nursing might just give you the push you need - or the opportunity to recharge your batteries with a different view outside your window.

  5. Set Your Schedule: Think of this as managing your own career. A travel nurse gets to set his or her own schedule. This means being able to take time off between assignments, whether that means using that time to spend time with family and friends, to take a glamorous vacation, or to unwind with some ‘me’ time - it’s up to you!

Thinking about taking a travel nurse contract? We’re here to help! New openings are posted every day on our easy-to-navigate Jobs portal. Not sure where you want to go? Send us your resume - our recruiters are some of the most responsive in the business.

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