Ways To Succeed In Healthcare Recruitment

Posted on August 27th, 2021

Ways To Succeed In Healthcare Recruitment

If you are a healthcare recruiter or a hiring manager in the medical field, you know how hard recruiting for healthcare is. Lack of suitable talent and huge turnover rates make recruitment in this industry a highly challenging task. Moreover, the hiring process is long in this industry. All these pose a challenge for this already competitive space. Nevertheless, if you are searching to improve your hiring efforts, it is time to follow these recruitment tips.

Following these tips can easily elevate your healthcare recruitment process.

Depend on healthcare job boards:

Although posting your advertisements on mainstream job boards is a good move, you should also focus on healthcare job boards. Give preference to general job websites such as Indeed, LinkedIn and others but, don’t neglect job boards specially made for the healthcare sector. A more focused approach towards medical jobs websites will help you reach directly to correct candidates in less time.

Invest in software:

Technology eases our endeavours, and it holds good to recruitment as well. Spend on good recruiting software. A decent applicant tracking system will aid in easing the recruitment pains like high time-to-hire, high cost per hire and limited accessibility to varied candidates. For instance, one can set up a referral system and make current staff part of the hiring efforts with Workable. You can also search for passive candidates effectively. Many such recruitment tools can ease your burden.

Boost employer branding:

We have said time and again, and we say it now again. With the high demand for healthcare jobs, it is key to stand apart from the crowd to attract candidates. Rethink, revamp and resurrect your employer branding if needed. Check if you are effectively communicating your vision and values with potential candidates. For instance, if your company values work-life balance, you can advocate it to the candidates. Use emails, blogs and so on to communicate the same.

Assess soft skills of a candidate:

Apart from technical skills, soft skills are also needed to make an impact on work. And it holds very much true in the healthcare industry. Employees in this industry should be people-centric and have a serving attitude in them. They should have the patience to hear, the ability to explain and the heart to help. In the interview, prepare interview questions that can assess these qualities. You can as well make use of psychometric assessing tools.

Present smart benefits:

When you recruit for a competitive market like the healthcare industry, your benefits should also be competitive. When employee benefits are attractive, attracting the best talent becomes easy. Ensure your package is beneficial as well as motivating. Benefits need not always be in the form of only high paychecks they can also be in the form of other perks such as insurance, a good work environment and other standards that allow work-life balance. Don’t forget health and wellness programs.

Deploy hiring tactics:

There’s a more than needed gap between the industry pay and a candidate’s expectations. In such situations closing the positions may be tough. But, as a recruiter, you should know what to use to attract talent. You can use these hiring methods to avoid the deadlock-

  • Augment accessibility to on-the-job training
  • Conduct interviews among recent college graduates
  • Increase the minimum salary
  • Encourage a come back to work attitude amongst the recent retired

If you can follow the above tips, your healthcare recruitment process will turn easier and effective. Besides, you will also give a positive candidate experience.

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