These technologies are reinventing nursing duties

Posted on January 25th, 2021

These Technologies are Reinventing Nursing Duties

Technology is everywhere and there is no one profession where it hasn’t spread its goodness. Same as every profession, healthcare has also gotten the benefits of technology. Especially, the nursing profession in the healthcare industry has benefitted more. The growth of technology, science and medicine has got unexpected changes in the way the present nurses are operating.

The technological development has eased their work and assisted them in serving more people which was not possible a few years ago. Technology has given a few of the most useful and life-saving devices for nurses. They aren’t only useful, meaningful but are also wonderful as they are helping both nurses and humanity alike.

Let us see them….

Portable Patient Monitors:

Long ago monitoring patients’ condition on the go was just a dream but not now. With the invention of portable monitors, everything has changed. Nurses in the past were forced to stay close to the bed of a patient to keep track of the condition. They had to push the patient's bed to the investigation room even for a small diagnosis. But, now with the invention of portable monitors things have changed. Healthcare staff can just hook the monitor on wheels and check patients’ respiratory rates, ECG, oxygen saturation levels and other important health details with ease. Besides, these monitors also notify nurses in emergency situations.

This technology is saving lives besides making sure a patient can be tracked even while moving.

Smart Beds:

Smart technology is everywhere. It is in watches, ovens, phones and whatnot. So, when it is everywhere why not it be in medical wards too in the name of smart beds. These beds can easily do many functions that were in the past either difficult to be done or needed a nurse to do. Smart beds allow us to know the weight of patients, aid in monitoring vitals and trace movement. The innovation in them aids nurses in getting updates and communications from the bed which in turn helps them know the patients’ activities.

Automated IV Pumps:

In busy times, especially in situations such as pandemics, nurses must be at many places at once. However, due to machines such as automated IV pumps, this difficulty has been reduced manifold. These machines take away much burden on them and are really useful in saving their precious time. These pumps control the dosages administered to patients with the help of software. This facility helps them in saving their waiting time between two different doses.


Telehealth is indispensable in the modern-day healthcare industry. It is highly useful to nurses and doctors alike. This revolutionary advancement helps in delivering the treatment without the need of the medical staff to be present in person. The feasibility of the digital meetings and the telecommunication technologies helps busy healthcare staff to deliver their duties and recommendations in multiple locations at a time.

Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs):

Technology has ended many good old methods such as making use of papers for prescription suggestions and recording health status. At present, EHRs have taken the place of papers. About 96% of US hospitals currently use them. EHRs are expected to foster better information transfer between medical workers thereby creating additional prospects for healthcare personnel to manage patients’ health. EHRs make it feasible for nurses to easily know the condition of patients.

All these devices and technologies have for sure made it easier for nurses and other healthcare professionals to deliver their duties easily and effectively. More than all, these essentials have saved many lives.

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