These 5 Tips Will Fetch You The Best Travel Nurse Recruiter

Posted on February 1st, 2021

These 5 Tips Will Fetch You The Best Travel Nurse Recruiter

There are numerous opportunities in travel nursing, but the trick lies in choosing a good travel nurse recruiter. Without a great travel nurse recruiter, your doors to these numerous opportunities are closed forever. Your nursing recruiter can either make or break your travel nurse career. They are the platform between the travel nurse job and you and so they should be there with you till you successfully onboard.

However, finding a good travel nurse recruiter isn’t easy unless you know what to expect from her/him.

Here is what a good recruiter should come with:

Should have sound knowledge of the travel industry – a good recruiter should know in and out of the travel industry. It isn’t enough to know only the nursing industry. To understand the real pros and cons, good knowledge about the travel sector is a must.

Will have you backed, irrespective of what, how, why and when, a good recruiter will try hard to support you in every phase of the process.

Available, although may not be physically present, the availability is 24/7 when the need arises. A proper response to texts, emails and calls are what makes a great travel nurse recruiter.

Timely response - quick response is the need of the hour and a good recruiter will not take more than 48 hours to respond to any sort of query or trouble you have.

Organized- they are not fanatics and are well organized. They know when to ask for documents and how to look over the safe sail.

On the other side, let us also look into what a bad travel nurse recruiter has or comes with:

Too many misleading promises – the majority of what they say is just verbal and not written.

This is the key warning sign, keep a look on it.

Doesn’t disclose pay particulars unless a contract is signed- unless you know your package details and are given to you in writing you cannot trust the recruiter.

Presses to agree the contract- read before you leap. Take a minimum of 48 hours to read it then alone pen the agreement.

Scripted replies – if he/she sounds like a voice recorder to your queries then it is a red flag to you.

Misses once your assignment starts- if the recruiter doesn’t care for you after the work begins, it means you were processed by a not-so-integrated recruiter. Anyway, be careful till you settle down.

So, now you know how a good travel nurse acts and how a bad travel nurse recruiter acts, now let us see other tips to find a good travel nurse recruiter.

  1. Do The Research:

    Begin with researching about travel nursing agencies. As there are multiple agencies something can be different, from which you can grab. Few things to consider while on your research.

  2. Nationwide vs. Regional Agencies

    Both are good but your choice of preference should depend on where you wish to travel. Are you happy settling and moving into a particular area or a State or you wish to tour and serve the whole of the USA?

    Pay Structures

    Generally, the pays include the taxable hourly rate, tax-free stipends (comprises meals and housing), allowances, and an approximate overall weekly pay. The numbers are depicted differently based on the bureau, so it is better to be clear with pay package outlooks and ask if in doubt.

    Single Contact vs. Multiple Contacts

    Again, here, it is your choice if you are comfortable to get in touch with different persons in the recruitment process you can go for multiple points of contact. In case you wish to have a single point of contact all through the assignment then the former should be better. Ask beforehand regarding the number of contact points.


    Who does not love perks? Research for agencies that will offer perks such as referral bonuses, health insurance, sign-on bonuses and others. A few agencies could even pay on-boarding costs before an assignment, like drug testing and vaccines. Another benefit you should look for is corporate discounts on services and products like rental cars, hotels and even scrubs!

  3. Know What You Need:

    Before actually trying to find your right recruiter, you should have an idea of what you’re looking at in an assignment. Consider these things in your contract: shift, location, speciality, overtime pays, cancellation rules, benefits and pay packages.

    It is even a good thing to understand what you should definitely not have in your contract and what you can have. Say for instance you may not mind about your next assignment location, but you are strictly against night shifts. Try to fetch your assignment and work from a recruiter who can accommodate your needs.

  4. Ask for Recommendations:

    Ask around if you are in doubt or contact. At times, finding a good recruiter begins from your friends, family and coworkers. Hitting a capable recruiter is a tricky work but when you have recommendations from your own people you are simply 1 step ahead.

    Search on reputable and trustable travel nurse website and social media platforms. Doing so will help you get the experiences from related people. Social medias always have advice, recruiters lists and needed info mostly recommended by travel nurses.

  5. Time To Interview Them:

    Once you have listed out on whom to get in touch get ready to interview them with questions like,

    “At once how many nurses will you be working with?” Unless a recruiter comes with high experience working with 30+ nurses at a time is just difficult.

    Question about their availability - nurses work 365 days whilst recruiters work Monday to Friday so, this should be a point of concern. Ask them if you can reach on their no-working days also if needed.

    “From how long you have been in the industry?’’ If a recruiter isn’t having at least 1-2 years of standing in the industry you must check for others.

    Does the recruiter submit a nurse to assignments with no permission? Ensure to know about the submission process. Check if they submit for assignments without prior approval. Submission without permission brings in troubles for you without further mentioning.

  6. Live & Learn:

    Probably the best method to get a correct recruiter is through your own experiences. Try out one and check if he/she is a good fit for you. You can also do this practical know-how with more than 1 recruiter, this will give you the chance to pick the right person and right opportunity.

    Try these methods and who knows you may also find your best friend in the recruiter who will be there for you for all your future travel nurse job needs.

    With these tips choosing the right recruiter is no more a demanding chore. Ensure you implement these tips without fail to find the best travel nurse job that you dream and long for.

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