These 3 Technologies Are Making New Routes Into Healthcare Industry

Posted on May 20th, 2021

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Healthcare is one sector that explores new ways and means to increase the quality of life. Every year it deploys and develops new technologies for our longevity and better health of us.

Below are a few of the technologies which are presently impacting the healthcare industry and professionals in it.

  1. Telehealth:
  2. Although this concept has been in vogue for a good amount of time, presently, this technology of calling or teleconferencing has become undeniable. The pandemic has multiplied its importance. In the condition where movement restriction is high, telehealth is not a luxury but a need.

    Many applications are available that allow video and audio conferencing between doctors and patients. This feasibility will not only deliver the needed medical advice and treatment but also lessen the expenses.

    Telehealth, in fact, has lowered the costs and time spent by both doctors and the needy.

  3. AI & Machine Learning:
  4. When we think of these two, we surely will remember wearables and how their invention has made it easier for people to track their health. The health data these devices give is a useful data mine for healthcare professionals and people alike. The application of enhanced algorithms to such data makes diagnosing health problems easier. These also aid in providing faster and accurate treatments.

    AI comes in handy in many healthcare areas such as simulation-driven medicine discovery, vaccine development, diagnostics applications development and thermal screening. The making of innovative products like t-shirts with health sensors and tech-dental care devices wouldn’t have been possible without AI. These products allow people better monitor their health and facilitate easier self-care. AI-driven data is also useful for many other healthcare allied industries such as insurance companies.

  5. Virtual Reality:
  6. VR is not only a necessity for the entertainment and gaming industry but also for the healthcare industry. Slowly but steadily, VR is making its presence felt in the health industry especially, in the seniors’ healthcare sector. It is facilitating virtual tours and visits for seniors. This, in turn, improves care therapy and psychological health care.

    Virtual reality is even being used as a kind of tech anaesthetic, aiding to divert patients going through painful therapies in circumstances where making use of anaesthetics would not be idyllic. It is also used to give education, by providing different tours of the human body (or even tumours) to describe processes to patients and their families.

    One More aspect in which VR is used- is the planning procedures of intricate surgeries. To make sure that the processes go well, the team participating in the surgery will utilize VR to discover visualizations of the patient’s organs, thus assisting them to get ready for possible impediments, avert loss of life and strengthen the possibilities of a successful operation.

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