These 3 Strategies Will Help Meet Your Nurse Hiring Goals

Posted on May 13th, 2021

These 3 Strategies Will Help Meet Your Nurse Hiring Goals

The rise of remote working culture has shifted how HR people source candidates across all industries. The surge in remote working has positively affected a few industries. However, it is not the case with all industries, especially the healthcare industry, where recruitment of nurses has become a problematic issue.

Human resources personnel in this industry are literally at war and have stretched to the maximum extent to attract talent but only in vain. Experts in such hard times have suggested three strategies to get the best talent in the healthcare industry.

Employer Branding:

It is beyond your colour-coordinated recruitment brochures. ‘Who you are’ is what employees are looking into these days. Your brand should attract consumers and also potential employees. At times, these potential employees look for many different things for which an employer should be ready. When wooing applicants, especially the persons in high demand, you ought to think around the “what is in it for me” attitude. How different is your healthcare organization from others, what are your mission, vision, and values and, what for the candidates should remember your organization? How do you display those good things regarding your company outside the boundaries of the website? Most significantly, how do you want your personnel to interpret your values, mission, and vision? Are they aware of all the three? Are these 3 things coherent with your organization’s culture? Do you say you admire innovation but turn away employees from revamping processes? Unintentional breaking of at least one value can lead to the deteriorated reputation of your overall employer branding.

Speed Up Your Recruitment Procedure:

Are you aware of what actually kills accepting a job offer? Time. In this candidate-driven market scenario, simply believe that your high-qualified applicant gets several offers instantly. If you have a prolonged and unjustified enrollment process, take it in written-the candidate would have been employed by someone else by the time you roll out your offer.

The demand for nurses is high, at least for the moment. Organizations should accept this and genuinely remodel the recruitment procedure to remove bottlenecks so that qualified candidates can join as soon as possible. The remodelling should consist of:

  • Minimizing the interview rounds
  • Utilizing in-house staff in place of consultancies
  • Quicker reference and verification checks and others

Last and most important, adhere to your recruitment time-to-fill schedule. The popular belief that slow and steady wins the race may be real elsewhere but not in the recruitment procedure.

Build A Captivating Orientation Program:

Orientation isn’t onboarding. Onboarding is where a new employee begins the hands-on element of his/her role and, it happens following orientation. Onboarding is a procedure; Orientation is an episode. That doesn’t connote an organization in a hiring hurry must leave orientation and get straight away into onboarding. Nor does it imply orientation must simply be paperwork.

Orientation aims to welcome your new employees into the firm and further introduce your company to the new employees with detailed guidelines and objectives. It begins from the minute the person accepts the offer. It is your procedure, process, candidate follow-up, how you stay in touch with the candidate between accepting the offer and the first day. Honestly, here is where you are displaying those organization values stated in employer branding.

An efficient orientation program builds on ensuring engagement and inclusion and embracing diversity. Matters such as your employee benefits, exceptional employee development and organizational culture must have a place in orientation. A new employee should feel empowered and confident about having selected your organization after the orientation program.

The fruitful accomplishment of onboarding top nursing candidates will stay the main concern for healthcare firms for this year and many years to follow. Following these 3 strategies and updating your recruitment procedures when needed will give you an advantage over other healthcare players.

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