Social Accounts to Follow for Traveling Nurse Inspiration

Posted on September 16th, 2020

Social Accounts to Follow for Traveling Nurse Inspiration

A travel nurse can have it all: new challenges, job flexibility, and the ability to set his or her work schedule 13 weeks at a time.

As a bonus, in a travel nurses’ off-time, he or she can explore incredible experiences in the country’s best destinations - which lends itself to creating standout content as a blogger or online content creator.

Here are some of our favorite accounts to follow for nursing and travel inspiration (and a few laughs, too):

Passports and Preemies

Blogger Kylee Nelson is a traveling NICU nurse and self-described “avid solo traveler”. Her blog content advocates preventing nurse burnout, offering traveling tips, resources, and inspiration. Here are some of our favorite blog posts:

For more great content, @passportsandpreemies on Instagram.


ICU travel nurse Danny and content creator wife Lindsey are always on the road since they make their home in a self-built camper van! Their Instagram frequently features Danny’s experiences as a frontline coronavirus healthcare worker. Most recently, he completed a five-month stint on a COVID-19 floor.

These full-time nomads also have their own YouTube channel, where they share DIY tips, a behind-the-scenes look at #vanlife and the exploits of their two equally adventurous van cats.

Nurse Chao

Las Vegas-based ICU RN Cathy Chao is active on Instagram and her Nurse Chao YouTube channel. Her accounts offer a real, unfiltered viewpoint as she treats COVID patients and recovers from a successful battle against the coronavirus herself.

Nurse Blake

We know that healthcare is a serious business, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun, too! Nurse Blake (also on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok) features relatable memes and hilarious videos highlighting the everyday struggles (and humor!) of working in nursing.

Nurses Inspiring Nurses

Need a post-shift pick-me-up or support from a growing network of nurses? Follow @nursesinspiringnurses to add some daily affirmations to your feed. This account features inspirational messages and quotes, networking opportunities, and highlights ways to emphasize self-care in your life.

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