Self-care Tips For Nurses Attending Covid Duties

Posted on April 15th, 2021

Self-care Tips For Nurses Attending Covid Duties

Nurses globally are once again placing their mental and physical health in danger due to the surge in covid cases. They are doing their best to protect the world and save humankind. However, even they are humans and run through stress, health issues, burnout, and whatnot.

In this wake, nurses themselves have come out with tips for better health. If you are a nurse, follow these guidelines and get strengthened to serve more people. These tips help you stay healthy, active, and also do not let you fall prey to either covid or other kinds of mental blockades.

  • If you have a day off, make it a "no connect day" and sleep as much as you can. Disconnect from all the people and things that give you stress.
  • Every hour, take 10 minutes break and use this break to take deep breaths.
  • Exercise is one way to stay physically fit and put covid at bay.
  • Take good care of yourself to take care of others.
  • Eat well and take time for yourself. It will help in recouping both in terms of physical and mental health.
  • Do what makes you happy and refreshed. It could be listening to music, walking on the beach, or for that matter, any act that makes you feel comfortable.
  • Always remember- it is OK to be not OK a few times.
  • Always give first preference to your safety – if you are not safe, you cannot safeguard other people.
  • In critical situations, do what you can do first instead of panicking.
  • Give maximum attention to minimum needs such as nutrition, rest, exercise, and water.
  • Laughing helps you, so stay with the positive-minded and witty people.
  • If you feel it is time for counseling services, go for them, do not hesitate.
  • Pay attention to your emotional and psychological triggers besides taking care of physical stress.
  • Think of positive things that happened to you instead of pondering over negative things.
  • Meditate to keep calm.
  • Reconnect and recenter with yourself now and then.
  • Offer others grace and sympathy, also, take it from others.
  • Stay in the greenery and have fresh air.
  • Allow emotions to flow freely and never try to judge them.
  • Spend time with your dear and near ones.
  • Off from work does not only mean physically off. It also means mentally off so, disconnect work from your mind.
  • Keep your surroundings filled with objects that give you positive vibes and emotional wellbeing.
  • If you believe in Almighty, give space for prayer.
  • Follow these simple yet helpful tips suggested by nurses and keep going in these harsh times. As a nurse, you are the ray of hope and, so staying fit both physically and emotionally is of vitality not only for you but also for the world.

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