Nurse… How Good Is Your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health…?

Posted on February 5th, 2021

Nurse… How Good Is Your Physical, Mental & Emotional Health…?

As a nurse, you are on a divine mission. Your duty encompasses serving humans which isn’t easy. You are the first point of contact for all the things that are filled with life. You constantly work for humans’ overall health: physical, mental and emotional health. We salute you for this and we recognize your efforts in this most difficult endeavours but, have you ever thought about your help. Have ever thought how good and fit I can be in this duty to serve more people. If yes, then the article is for you.

Here are the most valuable tips for nurses to stay fit overall and gain that extra emotional and physical strength so that you are not tired in this heavenly job.

Sleep More:

One of the researches found that there are only a few nurses who said that they are getting the recommended sleep per night (7-9 hours). Not having a good sleep isn’t a good practice. No matter, however busy your shift is, as a nurse it is of vital importance to have at least 7 hours of sleep every night without fail. Experts say if you cannot have a full 7 hours of undisturbed sleep try to get it in tits and bits. They say so because anything less than 7 hours of sleep in a day will not only lead to chronic health disorders but will also lead to inattentiveness during the job which may at times be fatal for the patients.

According to the majority of the senior nurses, some times preferring sleep over work is a mandate. According to them, sleep is the boost to the brain’s functions amid stressful shifts. Being on duty round the clock with fewer hours of sleep may be feasible in some professions but not in this profession.

Goodbye To Caffeine (especially late in shifts):

For the majority of nurses, caffeine is life saviour but actually it is not and it is a kind of weakness. This fully holds good for night shift healthcare staff.

Caffeine consumption in excess is detrimental to brain and body alike. The more one relies on coffee the more one is deprived of sleep leading to unwanted health complications. Researchers of Sleep Disorders & Research Center (Michigan’s Henry Ford Hospital) and Wayne State College of Medicine traced that caffeine taken before 6 hours of bedtime reduced sleep time and quality which further resulted in lessened output. So, what do you choose, good sleep or a caffeinated wakeup that’s half done?

Hydration Is The Key:

Water is more essential than food for all of us. So, stay hydrated. Drink a minimum of eight 8-oz. glasses of water each day. The Institute of Medicine additionally suggested 13 cups of water for men and 9 cups of for women.

The number may be high but there is no escape if you want to stay fit and make the world fit.


As a nurse, you would have definitely suggested the importance of staying physically fit for your patients but are you fit? If not ask yourself how to be. Never give excuses like I had a night shift, I had a tight schedule or I had back-to-back shifts. By saying so and depriving your body of exercise you are doing more harm than good.

Exercising is not only good for your body but is also good for your tired mind. Rely on aerobics and yoga for an overall health amplification.

Balance Work Life & Family Life:

It is never easy to balance life and work but this shouldn’t stop you. Your profession stands for emotion, love, passion, humanity and dedication. So, when this is the fact what sense does it make to say I have no time for this.

The simplest way to strike the balance is to have your calendar organized well in advance. A good work-life balance simply paves way for a meaningful life and successful profession.

Don’t Skip Breakfast:

No matter what your shift timing is, ensure your body gets its due- the breakfast. By skipping breakfast with a thought that you’re tired you are making your body weak for the next day’s work. Eat healthy breakfast that’s rich in protein and calcium and avoid junk foods. Take a small break after breakfast and eat the fruit of your choice.

Keep A Track Of Your Emotional Health:

Nurses nurture people especially giving that much-needed emotional stand in tough times. However, are you doing the same to yourself? If not at least start doing it from now on. Surround yourself with good people, pamper yourself and ensure you spend examining your emotional health now and then so that you are emotionally fit to serve others.

Go For Regular Health Checkups:

Unless you are physically and mentally strong you can’t serve others. So, as a rule, make sure that you go for regular health checkups. The one way you can save yourself before the work takes a toll on you is this way.

The Take-Away:

As a thumb rule keep saying to yourself: My Health Is Important. I Being A Nurse Should Take Care Of It So That I Live Long And Serve Long.

The more times you repeat this to yourself the more you can protect your health and the people around you. After all, the world needs you and in your health is the health of people.

Stay fit, stay long, serve long!!!

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