Locum Tenens

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As healthcare professionals and facilities face new challenges, the need for recruiting Locum Tenens is on the rise. In fact, this situation is being felt more in the present than in the past due to the onset of new medical conditions. The only way medical facilities and providers can counterbalance this state of gravity and provide quality patient treatment is by employing a locum provider wherever feasible. Protouch Staffing, as a leading healthcare recruitment company, can do this for you.

Locum Tenens

As a trusted recruitment partner with more than 30 years of experience in healthcare staffing, you can only expect the best healthcare providers on a locum basis from Protouch Staffing if you are a healthcare facility. If you are a healthcare provider, we can be your trusted partner in navigating you forward to your next career move. By connecting the right healthcare professionals with the right facilities on a locum tenens basis, we create a win-win situation for both. In a nutshell, we connect the best locums providers to the best opportunities.

What is Locum Tenens?
In Latin, Locum Tenens means “to hold the place of.” However, it is much more to the healthcare providers who serve people this way and to the patients who trust them.

Where Are Locums Needed?
In essence, wherever there’s the existence of medicinal necessity.

Therapeutic facilities such as hospitals, supporting facilities, and clinics need them. Also, healthcare providers such as doctors, nurse practitioners, and others need it. Locum tenens jobs are no longer considered substitutes or emergency positions but essential positions in the continuously evolving healthcare sector. Locums have gained acceptance from healthcare providers and reliance from hiring managers throughout the country.

Current Locum Tenens Outlook:
Without any second thought, the demand for locums is on the rise. The reasons are many, as explained below.

All these will only increase the demand for locums in the healthcare sector. Besides these, other economic reasons push clinics and providers towards this type of employment method. Many hospitals and other medical facilities are lowering excessive expenditures linked to hiring, onboarding, and training new providers with this model of employment.

Also, as said above, with the healthcare industry evolving rapidly and seeing new challenges, locum tenens providers continue to be instrumental in combatting recruitment shortages and upholding patient levels. With the assistance of Protouch Staffing, facilities can easily and quickly find qualified locum tenens applicants on an as-needed basis.

For Healthcare Providers
If you are a highly demanded advanced practitioner or physician looking for a locum, Protouch Staffing is here for you. Whether you’re looking for extra income or a better work-life balance, we will assist you at each step to discover the locum jobs that are correct for you. From the opening search to the licensing and credentialing process, to travel and assistance on assignment, we are there for each step of the way.

Benefits You Get:

For Medical Facilities
As a specialized recruitment organization for healthcare, we’re devoted to giving you the most experienced and qualified locum tenens candidates so you can spend more time on patient care and less time on staffing.

Benefits You Get:

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