Frustrations on Social Media – Travel Nurses

Posted on February 18th, 2020

Frustrations on Social Media – Travel Nurses

For a travel nurse, keeping track of friends and family is the hardest and there is no other option than bridging the gap with social media.

But gradually we are inclined to pour in Social media our emotions. We tend to get addicted and there surface all the frustrations.

Social media is no less to gambling and it hooks us to itself in most spellbound ways.

The notifications and vibrations are somehow connected to us in usual ways that even if there is none, we tend to feel them and gleefully look at the screen only to find ourselves in the disappointment of staring at a blank screen.

What lures us into this unending web of social medial craving?

It all lies in one entity. “like”. The likes we get are like treats for a mouse. The more we get, the more we go to them just to experience the immense pleasure of accepted by others and appreciated by others.

How do we get out of this trap?

Simple. Just by using social media in the ways it should be used.

Travel nurses can:

Post Blogs to educate General public.

Use Facebook and Twitter to promote healthy practices and bridge gap between healthcare providers and patients.

Use YouTube in a way to make people understand surgical procedures.

Discuss your ideas and opinions in discussion groups.

Travel nurses cannot:

Outburst about their bad patients.

Complain or complain about their employer or patients.

Post-treatment time photographs.

Talk about patient information on social media.

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