Demand And Pay For Travel Nurses Continue To Increase: A Report

Posted on January 8th, 2021

Demand And Pay For Travel Nurses Continue To Increase: A Report

The Covid-19 has for sure turned the economy and employment upside down. However, the situation isn’t the same as far as the demand and job opportunities for travel nurses are concerned said a report.

It isn’t only the case with travel nurses but for all clinicians, the scenario is the same and positive. Surprisingly, more and more nurses are preferring to be travel nurses rather than being an ICU nurse, a staff nurse, telemetry nurse or a medical-surgical nurse due to huge pays and other perks such as meal and housing stipends.

As said by an ICU nurse who is now a travel nurse her pay is nearly $66 an hour. A few travel nurses are earning between $ 4000 to $8,000 per week on an average in some of the US states. And this speaks why one shouldn’t shift to be one. Apart from decent pays, this job also gives flexibility and adventure-filled experience. The contract may last somewhere between 4 to 26 weeks.

As on date, there are about 50,000 travel nurses in the U.S. alone and still, the number is insufficient due to the pandemic.

A specialist recruiter from Protouch Staffing, a well-known healthcare staffing company said, ‘’Hospitals and healthcare systems which traditionally have been operating on razor-thin pays have now changed this to meet the situation leading to the rise in pays.’’

He further added that the hospitals require to literally fight for these expert resources.

One healthcare firm based in San Diego said it is about to dispatch 16,000 travel nurses and clinicians in the next couple of weeks.

And another firm said, in California alone, there are nearly 6,000 nursing jobs, which is 4 times more in comparison to the last year.

Adding more to these positive outcomes more and more retired nurses are coming out to be travelling nurses.

It is not only in the US that the demand for travel nurses is on the rise but also across the globe. Nursing and Midwifery Council in the UK is asking for more and more overseas-trained nurses to get registered in the Council to meet the growing demand.

The NMC hopes this move will help them fill the gap between the rising demand and less supply.

Irrespective of pandemic or no pandemic the travel nurse job has its own perks according to industry experts. They say flexibility, more work-life balance, opportunity to serve people, option to choose the preferred location and see different places and cultures are only a few.

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