Chaos From Changing Or Choosing A Career

Posted on December 30th, 2019

Chaos From Changing Or Choosing A Career

There can be so many what-ifs while you decide to change your career or you are a fresher are planning to choose a career that you want to stick for the rest of your life. That, in turn, leaves you with no options but to choose something that not only suits you, but also which can be a helping hand for you financially, and in which you can be in for a long run in future. To make a great choice, you should avoid a few mistakes. Here are some. Let’s take a peep.

Ups and downs in Industry

All industries in the world come with an expiry date. Never forget or overlook to have a deep research on the future of the selected industry because some industries last longer while others perish. So, you have to be very careful while selecting one as you have to be very sure that your career is bulletproofed. Keep checking the industry trends, do your homework well and then put your leg in a safer puddle.

Money Maker

Choosing money before looking at what you actually want or what you are good at or anything else is a great mistake many of us fall for. That’s a strict no. Even if you start with less, choose a career that takes you or has scope to achieve peaks.

Following wrong foot-steps

Considering what your parents/neighbors/relatives suggest or helping with a family business that you have no interest or going in the same career path as your brother or uncle is in, are the worst thing that you can present to your career. Learn to find the balance between the perfect career and the finest pay.

Picking something at random

Taking something at hand to pay the bills and later be in a career that you have no future in or cannot stand in the same industry is the most commonly found one. You might think that you can have an option to change your career later but that might not be the case in the future and you may get stuck in the career that you have thought as a nightmare. Will you be happy and is that what you wanted? Always repeat this to yourself: “Here is my life and I got only one shot at it”.

Waiting for the “perfect” career

While talking about not picking something at random, you might be slipping the offers that you get for the fear of choosing a wrong career. While checking for the best box, you might miss the opportunity that’s good for your future. Even if it’s not for you, attend classes, and make it happen. There are people who are in an absolutely wrong career and making millions a year. There is nothing called perfect.

Assuming you need natural talent to enter a certain career

If you have tried well enough and still not able to find a loving career, you might come to the conclusion that you might be a born start for a career that you love. No skill is un-learnable. If working in that field excites you then you have everything to grab the opportunity and try your best to crack your dream career.

And there can be many little things like above that we do wrong like not talking to those in the know or completely ignoring who you are and going for a career out of your box, not considering location and jumping onto the gotten job or not looking beyond, a “best careers” list and the list goes on piling up with such silly mistakes.

All you can do is just to trust in yourself, look at the status where you are, visualize where you want to go, remember that there are no shortcuts. just set your path by yourself, give yourself enough time and just wind it.

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