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About Us Protouch Staffing

Protouch Staffing is a seasoned and success-driven staffing firm with more than 32 years of industry experience.

Our mission is simple and our standards are high: we’re working to discover and deliver top-notch talent in the healthcare industry.

We believe it’s our job to make it easy for healthcare professionals (clinical and non-clinical) to find new career opportunities and get back to what they love: making positive impacts on patients.

Founded by nurses in 1989, our ‘pro touch’ means personalized attention. We aim to be a resource to both job seekers and healthcare organizations. Let us exceed your expectations!

When you register with Protouch Staffing, our team of healthcare placement consultants starts by evaluating what works for you: your salary needs, your location preferences, and what you need to be successful in your next environment.

It’s our job to make sure you’re offered and placed into roles that fit your needs. We put you first - our policy is ‘no pressure, no restrictions!’ To start your search, visit our easy-to-use Jobs portal or upload your resume to learn more about our opportunities.

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