9 Best Ways To Welcome Your New Employee

Posted on January 6th, 2021

9 Best Ways To Welcome Your New Employee

The first day in an office is always a new feeling. It is full of excitement and nervousness. Employees on this particular day have a strange set of mood. But as an employer, how do you welcome them? What best onboarding practices can you deploy so that they feel: yes, this is my place to work, and here are my colleagues with whom I will be spending more active hours.

Let us look at some of the most winning ways to welcome your employee on the first day.

  1. Let them know you’re waiting for him/her:

    The best way to make any person feel privileged is to let them know that they are special and that their arrival is welcome to you. Prepare their workstation well in advance and provide them with all the tools and facilities needed for a smooth flow of their first day. Rest of the workforce should also be notified about their new co-worker so that neither they are surprised nor the new entrant isn’t surprised.

  2. Give an office tour:

    A new office is always confusing and to make it less confusing take them on the office trip. As a responsible employer, give a quick tour of the premises. Show them where the cafeteria is, how to reach restrooms and brief them on other essential locations. These acts will make the employee feel at home. Doing so will give an idea regarding the office setup and make the office familiar from day-1.

  3. Pay attention to induction:

    Often employers feel their work is done by just taking the required documents and releasing a hardcopy of an offer or appointment letter. Well, this doesn’t end up here. Make sure the new joiner knows everything in detail beginning from company structure to employee benefits and other vital things. The HR department can be proactive and pay full attention to these works. Give a day or 2 for orientation if needed. This way they will also have a chance to meet other new employees and know what the company is all about.

  4. Quicker paperwork and joining report:

    While paperwork and joining procedure are not so enjoyable part, they are, however, indispensable. So get them done at the earliest. A quick submission procedure will save both your time and the new employee’s time which, can be used for more mingling and gelling acts.

  5. Gift them:

    Apart from a welcome breakfast or lunch, surprise them with some gift. The gifted thing can be a pen, coffee mug or for that instance shirt. But ensure your company name and logo is present on it. Who doesn’t like gifts?

  6. Introduce them to their team:

    Right from the first day let them know who they will be working with and who they will be reporting. Earmark their work details but don’t push them from the first day. Give them breathing time and let them take some time to know their role and what to deliver. This ease of pace will make them understand their role in detail and prepare them for future challenges.

  7. Make them your community:

    The sooner a new hire gets accustomed to a company’s culture and community, the sooner the results flow. Give them their email account, provide the email list and join them in the company’s social media pages. If possible, let them get introduced in person to the top management. All these small acts will have a big effect in the days to come.

  8. Give them an escalation contact:

    This is very much needed. New employees apart from knowing about their holidays, perks, team members and work routine should also know about their point of contact regarding matters of concern. Letting know their point of contact for escalation is very much important. Giving a detailed structure sends a signal that the company has a strong employee code of conduct and also an ombudsman structure to meet in times of hardships.

  9. Get feedback:

    As the day ends, be sure to get their opinion. Ask them how they felt and if any aspects need to be improved. Asking feedback will let them know that you are concerned about his/her wellbeing and that their opinions matter a lot. Be personal and genuine. Show them that you are not only an employer but also a friend, guide and a well-wisher.

For a change, if you haven’t been doing these, just do them as part of your next new employee welcome program and see the positive effects it will bring in.

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